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Why do My Teeth Suck ??

In one word - SUGAR Our eating habits are the main reason for tooth decay, at least in the United States it is. We are literally surrounded by delicious treats, sodas, and food that do irreversible damage to not only our teeth but bodies as well. Eating small amounts of these dangerous delights every now and then can decrease tooth decay by at least 150%, but who can eat just one?

Preventing Tooth Decay

If you are a sugar lover, fear not! Good tooth health habits and checkups at your local dentist are a proven way to prevent cavities and problems later in life. Brushing after every meal or snack are key, but not always an option immediately after your feast.

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Is it too late for Prevention?

If you're on this page, chances are you're 35+ and are starting to really regreat not bringing your tooth brush with you everywhere you went. Don't be too hard on yourself, you're far from alone, smiles tend go downhill with age along with other things.

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OK, My Teeth Suck... What's Next?

Luckly you have several choices, with costs ranging from lower then a tank of gas, all the way up to more then the price of a new car.

Veneers & Snap Ons

If your finances are tight, custom veneers are the way to go. Get a movie star smile in a snap.

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With multiple missing and bad teeth and a limited budget, full or partial dentures may be a good option for you.

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A few thousand down plus a decent credit score could score you the best solution in modern times.

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No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

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A New Smile = A New You

Do you hide your smile? Are you fearful one of your friends may spot your dental problems? Are you unable to eat foods you used to love because of tooth pain?

Ensuring your mouth is healthy should be the first and most important step you take. Your dentist will review your options with you you but you should also do research on your own. Most dentists will encourage you to get dentures, this is because they make a lot of money doing this when in fact it may not be a suitable solution for everyone.

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Sugar is the Devil!

A couple generations ago, most adults in the U.S.A. made it their entire life with only minimal tooth decay. In todays world, sugar sells, it's marketed and pushed on consumers in hopes they'll form a habit.

Brushing multiple times a day and after every meal is your best defense against tooth decay. Listen to your dentist but watch out for the sales pitch, be smart and do your own research when it comes to major mouth moves!

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